Behind the Scenes: New and Exclusive T-Shirts

Nov 13, 2023by Emily Weston

 Did someone say ‘new’? Did someone say ‘exclusive’? Did someone say ‘extremely cool graphic t-shirts based on your favourite watches’?


 Quite specific… but yes, yes and yes indeed! 

That’s right, we have a brand new collection of t-shirts for you to immerse yourself in. Designed by the creators of some of your favourite watches, including A perfectly useless afternoon, Number Cruncher and Berry Late Again! 

First up we have the classic and iconic A perfectly useless afternoon. Designed by Kristof Devos, the serene depiction of a figure floating about a peaceful blue pool is a reminder to take it easy and enjoy the moment. 

Kristof explained how a quote from Chinese writer, Lin Yutang changed his perception of time and which he has kept close to his heart ever since:
“If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learnt how to live.”

By wearing this t-shirt, you will be reminded to have a perfectly useless afternoon, morning or evening, wherever you are. 

Next, we have a Berry Polite addition to our t-shirt range. Inspired by her watch design, Ana Dias came up with this idea from her love of writing and playing with words. 

The design seduces you with the sweetness of the child-like lettering, but is juxtaposed by the rebellious and outrageous message. We need this in our wardrobe ASAP because who doesn’t love an unsuspecting t-shirt with a sneaky swear word on it?! 

Ana couldn’t have said it any better: “
It’s an angel with a dirty face, it’s pastel punk.” 

From here, we jump onto the tour bus with Number Cruncher for his Rampage World Tour. He’s taking his chaos and destruction global… and there’s absolutely nothing that will stop him.

Designed by Onorio D’Epiro who
has designed a number of watches for us: Number Cruncher (of course), Roboto Shi and The Watchful Ones, he explains the inspiration behind his anarchistic character.

“My fascination with monsters and weird, wonderful creatures stems from my childish imagination and a love of simple, bold design. With Number Cruncher I wanted to try and tell a miniature story.

“The idea that someone may be wearing this little rampaging creature stuck inside a city in a watch brings a smile to my face.”  

Last, but most certainly not least, let your worries melt away with Meltastic. Also designed by Onorio, this beaming smiley face acts as a reminder to…well…SMILE!

We all have days when the world seems to be melting into a swirl of confusion and disarray, but remember to keep on smiling, it will pass. 

The graphic illustrates a grinning face with the letters ‘MJW’ forming his pearly whites. This tee will be sure to spread positivity and down right good vibes wherever you may go. 

Now comes the important decision of which t-shirt you will choose... but don’t take too long, you don’t want to miss the chance to sport your favourite watch brand do you? 

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