Behind the scenes: Houseparty

Get your disco ball out! It’s party time here at Mr Jones Watches as we have released a brand new, limited edition watch design, Houseparty

Houseparty is a particularly special addition to our collection as it was designed by our very own, Catarina Morais - who also works as an artist and illustrator when she’s not hard at work in our assembly team.

The inspiration for Houseparty originated in the pandemic; the feeling of isolation and the longing to be in the same room with the ones we love most.

This watch is aimed to celebrate the moments and experiences we have with our own families and friends. It reminds us to savour the moment and not to forget these precious memories!

The design depicts a crowded room, full of Catarina’s signature styled characters. The disco ball signifies the hours and the musical notes that the character is pointing to signifies the different minutes along with two glasses to represent 00 minutes. 


Here’s what Catarina had to say about her design: 

"This concept of an illustrated house party originated during the pandemic - it came mainly from a place of longing, and from being isolated from human connection with many of those I care about.

“I was just starting to develop a more personal and consistent artistic style, and the concept of connections and intertwining appealed to me deeply, heightened by the circumstances.

“‘Houseparty’ captures a moment - it’s a relatable scene that brings us all back to our own memories and experiences.”

 Once Catarina’s design was finalised, it was time to start the production, printing and assembling process at our London-based workshop.

There were nine colours used in this design, each being mixed individually and carefully airbrushed to create the perfect gradient for the party background.  

Next, each element of the design was printed one-by-one onto eight different layers of glass to create this intricate yet rowdy design. 

Did you get your groove on in time to get a hold of Houseparty? If you weren’t able to ‘pop’ or ‘lock’ it fast enough, sign up to our waiting list.

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