Behind the scenes: designing Number Cruncher

Have you ever wondered how your watch was designed?

Today we're flicking through Onorio D'Epiro's sketchbook to take a glimpse at his working process and to see how his designs evolved into our best-selling watch, Number Cruncher.

Here's a behind the scenes look...

Number Cruncher sketch

Onorio planned to design a monster for this watch, so he started sketching out his ideas with a pencil in his sketchbook.

Onorio specialises in designing, illustrating and making monsters and robots - you can see some of his previous work here.

Number Cruncher more sketches

Number Cruncher pen sketch

More Number Cruncher drawings

Then Onorio started recreating his design digitally. The digital sketches allowed him to start planning the design to fit the case and shrink his work to the small scale of the watch face. 

Number Cruncher first digital sketches

Second digital sketches of Number Cruncher

Next, Onorio starts refining the design and experimenting with colour... 

Colour Variations of Number Cruncher watch

Final design details of the Number Cruncher watch

Below you can see how Onorio has worked on the layered elements of the design. The hour and minute discs, the dial and the glass of this watch can be printed on, so Onorio is planning out his artwork for each layer.

Seconds disc illustrationsThe Number Cruncher watch was originally released in a limited run of 100 pieces. When we launched it, it sold out in record-breaking time for our small company. All 100 pieces had been snapped up in just a few hours. 

It was so popular, that we had dozens of requests for more, so Onorio got to work on some changes to the design, to allow us to make this fun little monster part of our permanent collection. 

You can see both the finished limited design and the latest permanent edition below.

Finished Number Cruncher watches

You can find out more about the Number Cruncher watch here.

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