Behind the scenes: Creating Slow Down

May 17, 2021by Olivia O'Dwyer

We have recently been lucky enough to work with talented illustrator and hand lettering artist, Gia Graham on our limited edition ladies watch, Slow Down. 

Gia’s work is often inspired by her island background, her use of vibrant colours, lush florals and foliage make her work unique and eye-catching. 

Gia Graham

Gia’s inspiration when creating Slow Down was the idea of living in the moment and tuning into the unrushed rhythm of mother nature.

During the design process Gia worked digitally creating sketches on her iPad and drawing app, it was amazing to see her sketches develop throughout the design process and we worked closely with her on the design.

Behind the scenes: Slow Down

The uniqueness of this watch lies in the alignment of the words at 12 o’clock where the words “Slow Down” appear. Gia wanted this moment to represents a pause, creating a moment of serenity where we can be reminded to Slow Down, a reminder we can all benefit from in our busy lives.

Printing Slow Down

We loved the alignment concept from the beginning and worked hard when sampling the design to create the correct balance between the alignment and colours of the “Slow Down” message, making sure it was subtle but easy to read. 

Slow Down Components

When we were happy with the sample we then finalised the design and began the production process. Our team printed and assembled all 100 pieces of the design by hand in our London workshop. 

Assembling Slow Down

On its release day, Slow Down sold out in just a few hours! We are hoping to re-issue this design, if you are interested you can sign up to our waiting list here. 

Slow Down by Gia Graham

If you want to check out any of Gia’s beautiful designs in the meantime be sure to check out her website.

Did you manage to get your hands on Slow Down?