Behind The Scenes: Creating Ricochet

Aug 17, 2021by Olivia O'Dwyer

After the successful launch of Step Right Up last year, we were so excited to work with American comics creator and enthusiast Ryan Claytor again on our latest limited edition release, Ricochet. 

Ryan Claytor

Inspired by the world of arcade, Ricochet’s design is unlike any we have created before at Mr Jones Watches.

The uniqueness of this design lies within the triple gilding which used gold, palladium and copper making the design extremely intricate and eye-catching.

Ricochet sketch

Ryan wanted to demonstrate his love for pinball and how we can get lost in time at the arcade, he speaks about his inspiration behind the design:

“Pinball is essentially a game of timing: flip a fraction of a second too soon or too late and you'll miss your intended target. In its more transcendent moments though, a game of pinball can almost mystically remove the player from any concept of time.”

 After discussion between Ryan and the production team, the name Ricochet was chosen to represent the way we are transported back into time after being fully engrossed in the arcade experience.

 We worked closely with Ryan throughout the design process and spent lots of time sampling the design to ensure the original sketches were bought to life conveying the sense of getting lost in the fun of the arcade.

Printing Ricochet

When we were happy with the samples we began the printing process. The colours were mixed by hand, before the pad printer transfers the design onto the dials. 

Ricochet printing

The glass was then gilded by hand using three different metals, this was a time consuming and intricate process, one that definitely challenged our talented printing team.

Gilding Ricochet

Extra time and perseverance spent on the gilding of the design really paid off with this design having a richness of metallic tones on the watch-face making this piece truly unique.

Assembling Ricochet

Our small team then carefully assembled 100 pieces of Ricochet by hand in our London workshop ready for its release. 


On its release day Ricochet became our fastest selling limited edition, selling out in under 30 minutes. If you missed out on the chance to get your hands on the design you can sign up to the waiting list here.  What would you like to see from Ryan Claytor next?