Behind the scenes: designing Paper Crane

Sep 21, 2020by Emily Weston

A watch to make your dreams come true.

Our latest limited edition watch Paper Crane was designed by American Korean artist Hannah Sung. Hannah has previously worked as a concept sketch artist for Disney, Netflix and Fox. 

Hannah Sung portrait

Hannah was introduced to us through her husband who is a loyal Mr Jones Watches customer. She then began thinking of how she could use her creativity and unique style to design a watch for us. 

Throughout Hannah’s childhood in Korea, paper cranes were a symbol that your wishes would come true. Hannah was inspired by a proverb she read, which states “If you can make 1000 paper cranes, your wish will come true.” 

Production of Paper Crane

Paper Crane evokes a feeling of nostalgia, using a red crane by day and a paper crane by night to symbolise her childhood dreams still being with her as an adult.

Hannah worked closely with our team to learn more about the technical side of designing a watch whilst injecting her ideas to create a distinctive collaboration.  

Hannah's initial sketches for Paper Crane

Our small, talented team worked hard gilding each watch with English gold leaf before hand-assembling all 100 watches in our London workshop.

Production of Paper Crane

On its release day Paper Crane sold out in just a few hours, you can sign up to our waiting list here.

Paper Crane by Hannah Sung

If you would like to learn more about Hannah, she has recently featured on the Mr Jones Design podcast where she discusses her creative background and life living in Iowa in depth. 

Did you manage to get your hands on the paper crane watch?