Beam me up! mechanical lands in our permanent collection

Sep 26, 2023by Mr Jones Watches Team

Live long and prosper! We’ve had a busy week in our workshop as we’ve introduced a new mechanical version of the ever-popular design - Beam me up! 

Beam me up! mechanical joins the likes of A perfectly useless afternoon: mechanical and The Accurate: mechanical as our most popular watch designs that are now available in both quartz and automatic movements.

This version of Beam me up! had been on our minds for a while and we couldn’t wait to bring it to life. This watch features a stunning STP1-11 movement which means it doesn’t have a battery and is instead powered by your movement. 

The automatic mechanical version also comes with a glass exhibition case back so you can see the beating heart of your watch in action. 

The case is also bigger than the original at 40mm (compared to the 37mm quartz version) making it the ideal size for those that prefer a slightly larger watch. 

The design for Beam me up! is all about celebrating the unexplained: a visitor from outer space hovers above a farm searching for life on our green planet… only to find a mischievous piglet running in a field.

 These two characters tell the time in their own discreet way… Whilst immersed in a game of never-ending chase, the pig marks the hour and the UFO’s beam trying to catch him shows you the minutes. 

This fun watch comes from the brilliant brain of French Author and Illustrator, Xavier Broche, he explains his inspiration behind the design: 

“I wanted to describe an alien encounter in a playful way. I imagined how it would be for a simple pig to be at the heart of this historic event.  

“I found it funny to imagine the alien travelling endlessly across space searching for intelligent life, only to encounter a bewildered pig at the end of this epic journey! 

“Don’t worry about the pig though - he’ll outwit the alien in the end!” 

Have you got your hands on Beam me up! mechanical? We’d also love to know which of our quartz designs you’d like to see be created into automatic mechanical movements next over on our social media @mrjoneswatches.