8 UNIQUE halloween costume ideas

Oct 30, 2020by Olivia O'Dwyer

Spooky season is here and although Halloween is going to be slightly different for everyone this year it’s still an opportunity to have some fun. 

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween Zoom party or carving pumpkins at home. We thought we would offer some last minute costume ideas, all of which are inspired by our watches... 😉

1) A perfectly useless afternoon

Inspired by A Perfectly Useless Afternoon for a quacking time this Halloween. 

If you’re staying home and relaxing with family then you could become a paddling pool of rubber ducks. 

A Perfectly Useless Afternoon

2) Number Cruncher

Next we have our blue monster Number Cruncher, although he looks cute and innocent at a first glance he can definitely cause trouble. 

Maybe don’t take inspiration from his activities though, we don’t want you stomping around city on the hunt for tasty treats. 

Number Cruncher3) Last Laugh Tattoo

The Last Laugh Tattoo is the perfect inspiration for a day of the dead look, if you’re feeling brave you could even try to re-create the artwork on the watch on your own face.

We would love to see what you create.


4) Mare Adesso

If you fancy something more light-hearted this halloween, an aquatic themed costume may be perfect for you. 

Use our latest edition to our permanent collection Mare Adesso as your inspiration. 

Mare Adesso

5) Robotto Shi

For a fun sci-fi inspired costume you can become your own version of Robotto Shi, a loving Japanese Robot.

 An easy costume to DIY, with just some tin foil and cardboard boxes you’re on the way to a great costume.

Robotto Shi6) Cyclops

Show your inner artist with inspiration from our Cyclops watch. 

You could become a scary artist with an easel creating some paintings to spook your friends.Cyclops

7) The Promise of Happiness

The Promise of Happiness shows a tiger in a jungle scene, you could create your own haunted jungle this Halloween.

Dress up as your favourite animals - you could even award a prize for the best dressed spooky jungle animal.The Promise of Happiness

8) The Last Laugh

Finally, one of our designers Hannah Sung has given us some serious Halloween inspiration with her Skull outfit.

This look paired with The Last Laugh watch would make for a cool but classic Halloween look.

The Last Laugh

Hopefully these ideas have given you some last minute inspiration! Do you have any plans for Halloween this year? As most of the UK is currently in lockdown, we'll be spending it on Zoom.