5 colourful watches to brighten up your January

The partying is officially over and it is still January (longest month ever), so while it's looking very grey and miserable outside, here are our top five colourful watches to get you through the January blues...


1. Number Cruncher

If you need a little cheering up this January, then the Number Cruncher is for you. The playful monster is eating the hour, and the minutes can be found floating around in his stomach. It's the perfect watch to remind you not to take your time so seriously. See it here.


Number Cruncher watch



2. Colour Venn

This is our most colourful and eye-catching watch. Instead of numbers, the Colour Venn watch uses three coloured discs to show you the hours, minutes and seconds. Find out more here.


Colour Venn watch

3. Sun and Moon Miyamoto

This re-make of our classic Sun and Moon watch is inspired by the landscape of Super Mario games. The Miyamoto watch is designed to remind you of your childhood and encourage you to have a little fun every day. See the watch here.


Sun and Moon Miyamoto watch

4. Cyclops

This round-up wouldn't be complete without the Cyclops watch. Similarly to Colour Venn, Cyclops uses colours instead of numbers to show you the time: each coloured circle represents an hour. Find out more here.


Cyclops watch

5. Blowball

The final colourful watch is Blowball - a beautiful reminder that spring is just around the corner. This watch was designed by illustrator Fanny Shorter and you can find out more about it here.


Blowball unisex watch


Which watch design would you choose for January? Let us know in the comments section below.

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