A roundup of 2019 at Mr Jones Watches

Hello and happy New Year!

Firstly we'd like to thank you for supporting our small business throughout 2019.

We were lucky enough to work with some amazing designers last year and produced some very cool watches as a result.

Here's a rundown of 2019 at Mr Jones Watches:

JanuaryFantastic Exploits special editionTo start off the year we released our popular Fantastic Exploits design in a special edition black case. It's still available and you can see it here.

Robotto ShiIn February we worked with Number Cruncher's designer, Onorio D'Epiro to create the cool Robotto Shi watch.

We first released 100 limited edition pieces - when that sold out, we added a permanent version of the design to our collection that you can see here.

March100th watchMarch was an exciting time for the company as we had reached our 100th watch design.

To celebrate we released ‘The 100th’, a watch designed by Crispin Jones - consisting of a collection of his favourite elements from previous watch designs.

This watch has now sold out.

Dalli Dalli watchIn April we released Dalli, Dalli! - a limited edition watch, designed by German illustrator Cynthia Kittler.

On this vibrant watch, you read the time by checking the position of the characters' legs.

Sadly this watch has now sold out.

Vertigo watchIn May we added Vertigo to our permanent collection. This colourful watch was designed by our print technician (also a print artist) Paul Wardski.

We first released it in 2018 as a limited edition, but Vertigo is now customisable.

You can choose the case, dial, hour and minute hands to create your perfect colour combination - try it here.

Lucid Dreams watchWe released Lucid Dreams in June, a hand-drawn design by Chinese artist Yiran Huang.

Yiran was inspired by daydreaming: the emotions surrounding her own personal daydreams and the effect daydreaming has on time.

It was released as a limited edition watch, unfortunately, it is now sold out.

A perfectly useless afternoonIn July we released our fastest seller of the year, the limited edition 'A perfectly useless afternoon'.

This watch was designed by Belgian illustrator Kristof Devos to remind you that time spent doing nothing is time well spent.

It is now sold out but you can get the permanent version here.

We also welcomed a new team member - Natalie. You'll find Natalie in our little Oxo Tower shop Monday-Friday answering all of your emails and packing up your online orders.

In her free time, Natalie is also a paper artist and jewellery designer! You can see some of her work here.

New Colour Venn watchIn September we made a change to the Colour Venn design. We put it in a new larger case and added discreet white lines to make it a little easier to read the time.

We also said a temporary goodbye to our general manager Nicola, who we're pleased to announce now has a healthy little boy.

OctoberA perfectly useless morningAfter the success of A perfectly useless morning, we continued to work with Kristof Devos and released an autumnal version of his original design titled ‘A perfectly useless morning’.

The watch was limited to 100 pieces and is now sold out but keep an eye out for a new version this year!

We were pleased to welcome two more people to our team this month, Ellen (print assistant) and Esme (marketing assistant).

The Watchful OnesIn November we released a unique collection of monster watches called The Watchful Ones, designed by Onorio D’Epiro.

Each character in the collection was produced in a micro edition of just 30 watches and individually numbered on the back of the case.

There are only a few left, you can grab them here.

Shop birthday - monster eating cakeIn December we celebrated our little shop at Oxo Tower Wharf's tenth birthday!

To celebrate we had an in-store discount and cake for our lucky shop customers.


Mr Jones Watches team
What a year! We can’t wait to see what we achieve in 2020!

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