13 highlights from London Design Festival 2017

Oct 1, 2017by Emily Weston

London design festival 2017 highlights

For one week each year, creative communities come together to celebrate the wealth of design London has to offer.

This years event was a jam-packed line up of interesting things. Here are 13 of our favourites from the week…

LDF 17 at Oxo Tower Wharf


The V&A was once again chosen as the hub for London Design Festival and the museum didn’t disappoint.

Our favourite installation was Flynn Talbot’s ‘Reflection Room’. The coloured-light experience was pretty spectacular!


Flynn Talbot’s ‘Reflection Room’



Oxo Tower Wharf also put on an impressive range of events for LDF17.



In the Courtyard was the ‘URBAN CABIN’ installation by Mini Living and Sam Jacob Studio.

Oxo Tower Urban cabin

As well as looking striking with it’s eye-catching copper surfaces, the cabin featured a mini lending library, a hammock and even a kitchen!

Urban Cabin oxo tower


Another installation based at Oxo Tower was ‘a forest in the city’ by 380:1. These small saplings were designed to spark conversations about air pollution.

Urban jungle oxo tower LDF17



On Wednesday evening all of the design businesses based in Oxo stayed open late for an evening of design themed fun.

Oxo visitors designing LDF17

Oxo Tower visitors sharing their design product ideas



We were treated to some live shop window drawing thanks to Chris El Famoso.



Bramwell Brown held a miniature painting workshop for the evening.



There was an opportunity to try your hand at Daruma doll painting at the Japanese craft store 和組 Wagumi.

CSCB_Design_Festival_200917_115Daruma doll painting at wagumi



Sea Squad (cheerleaders against climate change) also performed in the Courtyard area. Because what event is complete without cheerleaders?!




Our contribution to this years activities was a social media treasure hunt.

We posted photos of clues on Instagram and hunters had to find these clues, then follow them around Southbank, for a chance to win our gilded skull watch.

One of our many cryptic clues...

Here’s the lucky treasure hunt winner, holding his prize!



Perhaps the star of the show for LDF17 was Camille Walala‘s giant inflatable installation. Camille spoke about her design:

“I want to introduce a sense of the unexpected, I think that, to turn a corner into Broadgate, and find a huge, bouncy, pink and patterned house will be hugely entertaining. And people are, of course, invited to come in and play.”

And of course we couldn’t wait to get inside (we were only slightly disappointed that the floor wasn’t inflatable too)!


Villa Walala by Camille Walala




Design Junction is a trade show that showcases the best in interiors and product design that London has to offer.

This year we went to visit, here were a few of our favourite exhibitors…

Gateways LDF17

‘Gateways’ installation at the entrance of Design Junction



If only all ceramics could look like this.. by Sena Gu.

Sena Gu LDF17



Also, check out Eleanor Pritchard’s Instagram friendly hanging knitwear installation.

Well, what an eventful week that was! What were your highlights from London Design Festival 2017? I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings…