Question 18 watch by Mr Jones Watches. Front facing image. Example of the text appearing and disappearing on the face of the Question 18 watch Limited edition case back of Question 18 watch Question 18 watch, alongside image of the sculptor, David Smith Question 18 watch made by Mr Jones Watches. Side view. Question 18 watch by Mr Jones Watches, with image of David Smith's work Flat view of Question 18 watch. Designed and made in London by Mr Jones Watches Question 18 watch on models wrist Close up of Question 18 watch on the designer Crispin Jones' wrist Question 18 watch in Mr Jones Watches packaging.

Question 18 inspires you to make the most of your time.

On this unique watch a text appears from the marks each time the hands overlap. It reads “leave the past behind, now is your time”.

The rest of the time the message is invisible, so occasionally you'll be captivated when you happen to glance at your watch and read it.

Question 18 was made in London and is limited to just 100 pieces worldwide.

Each watch is numbered on the back of the case, so you can choose your lucky number from the options above.

The story behind the watch

Question 18 was inspired by the American Sculptor David Smith, who wrote a series of Questions for Students in the 1950s.

The Questions are prompts or challenges for the fine art students to think about what it means to be an artist.

Question 18 reads:

Do you think that your own time and now is the greatest in the history of art, or do you excuse your own lack of full devotion with the half belief that some other time would have been better for you to make art?

This unusual watch was designed by Crispin Jones and he explains the inspiration behind it:

David Smith is one of my artistic heroes. I first read his Questions To Students in the early 1990s and remember reading through them as a sort of limbering up before my interview to study for my Sculpture degree. I’ve returned to them many times over the years.

Question 18 challenges the assumption that some other time in history would have been better to be an artist.

Smith makes clear that the student has to see their own time as the greatest ever in the history of art in which to be working.

Although the questions are aimed at Fine Art students, I think that they apply much more broadly.

We should all challenge ourselves to recognise that the present time is the greatest ever to be alive. After all, it’s the only moment in history in which we will ever exist.”

The Design

On this unique watch a text inspired by Smith’s question appears each time the hour and minute hands overlap.

At the centre of the watch you’ll see a natural landscape. It's a visual representation of how in harmony with the times we should all strive to be.

Question 18 is simple to read. The hands of this watch point to the time in the conventional way.

Each watch was made by us in London. Every colour you see in the design was mixed by hand and laid down in turn using our pad printer. 

All of the watches are assembled in house and have passed our strict time testing process before being passed for release. 



  • Strap: 100% real leather - 18mm black with white stitching (other options are available here)
  • Mechanism: Quartz - Ronda 515-24H
  • Waterproof: Yes! 5ATM (leather will wear if exposed to water)
  • Guarantee: 12 months - any problems after, we’re happy to help
  • Largest strap diameter: 205mm - contact us if you need larger
  • Smallest strap diameter: 150mm - more holes can be added
  • Width (3 o’clock to 9 o’clock): 37mm
  • Height (from lug to lug): 46mm
  • Case: 316L Stainless steel - polished silver

Live demo


Question 18 watch on models wrist

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