Ophelia and Slow Down return to our collection

May 23, 2022by Olivia O'Dwyer

You requested and we listened! We’ve reintroduced not one, but two of our most popular limited edition designs to our permanent collection: Slow Down and Ophelia

Both designs are inspired by the rich and lush colours of nature and take inspiration from the natural world. Each watch was originally launched as a limited edition of 100 pieces but have proved to be beloved designs with our customers, which is why they’re back for good! 

Our small team of talented watch experts worked closely with Gia Graham (Slow Down designer) and Joshua Obeng-Boateng (Ophelia designer) to add some new elements to the designs, in order to separate them from their limited release, while being careful to maintain the essence of its original design.

US-based Gia Graham incorporated vibrant florals and foliage within the Slow Down design. The illustrated leaves on the watch face move around with the time and twice a day (12 o’clock) spells out the words “Slow Down”, inviting the wearer to pause.

Of the inspiration for the design, Gia Graham said: "As the hours pass, the design of the watch embraces the energy and constant movement of our day but twice each day, there is a pause… a moment of serenity when everything aligns and the reminder to slow down appears.

“As a hand lettering artist, much of my work has also included messages relating to self awareness and observations on human experiences. This design encompasses much of what my artwork is all about."

Ophelia on the other hand encompasses two fishes circling around a pond, immersed in their own watery world below the flowers and lily pads on the surface. London-based Joshua Obeng-Boateng was inspired by the John Everett Millais painting Ophelia

Speaking about the design, Joshua Obeng-Boateng said:

“In the original version of this design a character’s face emerges from the middle of the water. Now in my updated version of the design for the permanent collection, the character is no longer there, creating a further space for narrative projection.

“The central idea behind the watch is a celebration of water and the diverse symbolism it can take: Water can be a symbol of death and mortality, as it is in Millais’ painting of ‘Ophelia’ or it can be used to represent life and animism as embodied by the fish that swim around.”

Do you have Slow Down or Ophelia in your collection? Let us know by sharing a photograph of you wearing your Mr Jones Watch and tagging us on social media.