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Wildstyle has a cloisonné enamel dial, each dial is handmade by us in London.

The short video below tells the story of how we make these dials.

Design inspiration

Wildstyle is inspired by the graffiti that developed on the east coast of America in the 1980s.

Wildstyle grafitti is characterised by a complex interlocking of letter forms and shapes.

Making the watch

This design was a real challenge to capture in the tiny space on the watch dial and took many attempts to perfect.

The watch allows us to display our skills at blending colour and rendering the dynamic shapes in the cloisonné wire.

Cloisonné dials were first produced by the top Swiss firms in the 1940s and 50s. Those watches are now highly prized, both because of their rarity and because each one is unique.

Inspired by the beauty of these watches we thought it would be amazing to take this traditional technique and apply it in a contemporary way.

With Wildstyle there is a contrast between the ephemeral nature of the original graffiti and the permanence of the enamel dial.

Wildstyle is powered by a Swiss automatic mechanical movement and is available exclusively from Mr Jones Watches.


Size: Large - unisex / mens
Movement: STP1-11 Swiss automatic mechanical movement
Case: 316L stainless steel
Glass: Plano convex mineral glass
Strap: brown leather
Diameter (excluding winding crown): 37mm
Thickness (including glass): 11.5mm
Guarantee: 12 months

Wildstyle watch on models wrist


Making the Wildstyle watch

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