Vanishing Point: Front view. Blocks and shapes explode from the middle of the watch face to form a skull. Vanishing Point on Edward's wrist Case back of Vanishing Point. Each limited edition model is numbered out of 100 Vanishing Point watch on printed background Vanishing Point: Side view. Mirrored ink was used on the face of the skull Vanishing Point Vanishing Point watch, flat view Vanishing Point watch, flat on printed background. Vanishing Point Vanishing Point and The Last Bloom on Edward's wrists.

Edward Monaghan re-worked our skull designs in his own unique style to create a pair of limited edition watches: Vanishing Point and The Last Bloom

Vanishing Point

Blocks and shapes explode from the middle of the watch face to form a skull.

From a distance you can clearly see the skull, but as you look closely at the design, it appears to break up and evaporate. 

The abstract effect is increased by the mixture of mirror and metallic inks, which are only visible when light catches the watch face.

Edward describes the watch as, “A barrage of blocks running towards an endless destination. When viewed from different perspectives the skull becomes visible, reminding us that any pondering of the infinite will eventually come up against our own mortality”. 

Limited edition and London made

The Last Bloom is released in a numbered edition of 100 pieces, each watch is numbered on the back of the case.

All of our London made watches are assembled by us and have to pass our strict time testing process before they are issued for release.

Each watch was printed and built by us in London. Each colour was mixed by hand and laid down in turn using our pad printer. 

How to tell the time

The time is displayed on the skull's teeth. The upper teeth show the hours, while the lower teeth show the minutes. 

Vanishing point is powered by a 20 jewel automatic mechanical movement. This means there is no battery - the motion of wearing the watch provides all the power needed to wind it up and keep it running. 

The watch movement has a 'jump-hour' feature, so the hour flips over exactly on the 59 -> 00 minute transition. 

 Case PVD coated 316L stainless steel
Mechanism ST1721 20 jewel automatic mechanical movement
Strap Woven stainless steel
Width (3 o'clock to 9 o'clock) 37mm
Height (from lug to lug) 46mm
Waterproof 5ATM
Guarantee 12 months

About the artist

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan graduated from Central St Martins School of Art & Design in 2014. Since graduating he has worked for a diverse range of clients, from fashion brand Hermès, to newspapers The Guardian and The New York Times. 

Edward is a master of reductive storytelling: creating complex narratives with a few simple lines that make an increasing amount of sense the more you stare at them.

While he readily cites psychedelic music and the work of avant-garde filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky as strong influences, it’s his desire to create work that doesn't draw on visual references or pander to stylistic trends, that makes him such an exciting talent.

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Vanishing Point watch on models wrist
Vanishing Point watch on models wrist
Vanishing Point and the Last Bloom watches on models wrists





Two watches on Edward's wrists