Sarah Joy

Working part-time on a weekend, SJ is the friendly face you will see working in our Oxo Tower shop, helping you out with all your time-telling queries and processing your online orders.


Tell us about yourself?


I am a London born and bred creative who specialises in Photographic Arts, I have had some solo residencies in small but established art venues. I am currently about to embark on my final year at University and hope to go on to complete a Masters in Art Science.


Outside of studying and working in the shop, I merge my artistic practice and passion for interacting with people in the form of Arts in Health. I have delivered art workshops in psychiatric wards and also advice the NHS in designing creative outputs for mental health research projects.

How do you spend your free time?


I love to travel and spent some time living in Berlin freelancing as a photographer and generally enjoying a pace of life that Berliners live to. Therapeutic hobbies include cooking, cinema, music, and wandering around London without a plan, the city will never be one you cant know completely and I love being a tourist in my home town.



You can see more of Sarah Joy’s photography here.