Onorio D'Epiro portrait Onorio D’Epiro is a designer and illustrator from Bedfordshire, England.

As a child he developed a fascination for character design and special effects and mastered the video recorder at a precocious age in order to feed his passion for film.

He studied Model Design and Special Effects at the University of Hertfordshire and after graduating was drawn to the world of designer art toys.

He began by creating one-off bespoke pieces and later developed a series of robot collectables known as “Justrobots”, which gained a dedicated following around the world. His work has been exhibited widely including at The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery in Berlin, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the MARCO Museo de Arte, Contemporano in Mexico City.

Onorio is currently working on developing some of his characters for a children’s television series.

Watches designed by Onorio D'Epiro

Onorio designed both the Number Cruncher and Robotto Shi watch for us.

Check out Onorio's work for yourself here.

You can also watch Onorio talk through his design process for the Number Cruncher watch in the video below.