Kristof Devos portrait Kristof Devos is a Belgian Illustrator and Author.

The core of his work is as a picture-book illustrator.

He creates books for children of all ages on themes such as friendship, death and standing up for yourself.

His work has been described as both quirky and modest.

Once in a while he puts down his pencil and takes to the stage, giving public talks on diverse themes such as inspiration and imagination.

Kristof’s work has been translated into a number of different languages and his books are available in a number of countries around the world.

His illustrations have been shown both domestically and in several international exhibitions.

His work has received multiple rewards, including a “White Raven”, a “3x3 Mag Merit” and an “Award of Excellence” by the prestigious Commarts Competition.

A perfectly useless afternoon and morning watches

Kristof designed both the limited edition 'A perfectly useless morning' and the permanent edition 'A perfectly useless afternoon'.

You can see more of Kristof's work here.