Dovile Bertulyte




An arts and crafts enthusiast, with a general love for hands-on making, Dovile works on the assembly and repairs of our watches.


What is your background?


I am from Lithuania, I came to London in 2009 to study in Middlesex University Jewellery and Accessories course. I also studied in Lithuania and Israel.


What do you like to do in your free time?


I love mountains and being active outdoors especially long distance hiking and wild camping. I enjoy spending my free time in nature - exploring forests, swimming in wilderness, mushroom foraging (which is quite typical Lithuanian thing) and watching wild animals.


Tell us more about what you do when you're not working for Mr Jones Watches?

Last year I was awarded with a studio space at Cockpit Arts through the Prince’s Trust. From this, I started my own contemporary jewellery brand under the brand name ‘dovile b’. I now design, create and sell bold, tactile and story-telling jewellery pieces which always have a hidden message and evoke strong emotions.



You can see more of Dov’s jewellery here.