Brexit and the changes we're making:

Now that Britain has left The European Union, VAT and import fees are added to the price of our watches when they reach Europe.

If you have any issues relating to import duty or tax being charged, or any questions about this then please write to us at and we will resolve this for you.

We now have a dedicated website just for you. This means you are able to pay in EU€ instead of GB£, to visit our European website, click here. All the prices on our website include the import duty and tax, meaning that you do not have to pay anything additional on top of the price you pay on our website.

Stay safe and keep in touch,
The Mr Jones Watches team

Please note: Due to local customs requirements, we are now unable to pay import tax and fees ahead of delivery for customers in Greece, Portugal and Slovenia, however we will refund these costs. This means, if you are ordering from one of these countries, you will need to pay the import costs, then contact us: to receive your refund.