How to adjust the size of a metal watch strap

by Oxo shop January 21, 2017


So you've ordered your special new watch and the delivery day has finally arrived! After a few minutes fumbling with the packaging and a quick glance at your insert card, you pull the watch from its neatly fitted box and try it on - only to discover, it doesn't fit!

But don't panic, we've got you covered. You can adjust the size of the strap in just a few super easy steps, shown below... 

5 Super easy steps:

  1. Using a small screwdriver (anything small with a flat edge will do) lift the buckle clasp. The clasp should now move up and down the strap freely
  2. Hold the watch against your wrist, sliding the clasp until you find the ideal fit
  3. Looking at the back of the watch, make sure the tabs on the clasp align with the indents in the strap
  4. Press the clasp firmly back down, you should feel it lock into place
  5. Try on your watch!
step1-lift-claspstep3-move-to-positionstep4-press-down-to-positionIf you need anymore help with your watch, drop us an email: We also sell replacement watch straps for just £10, right here.

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Oxo shop


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